The Hope Theatre

Theatre poster for Measured, a witty and moving new play examining the hidden consequences of an eating disorder for the sufferer and those who love them. To be performed at The Hope Theatre in 2022.

Sophie’s sister, Lucy, is at that age where her friends are throwing yoghurt around at school. Sophie’s boyfriend, Tom, runs a catering company for picky wedding planners. And Sophie? Sophie has an eating disorder - which she sees as a rather large inconvenience. Now that she’s in recovery, Sophie is hopeful she can reconnect with Lucy and Tom, but she knows that after hiding within her illness for so long, it’s not going to be easy to cope without it.

Performer - Juliette Burton
Writer - Emma O’Brien
Director - Cat Robey
Producer & Lighting Designer - Laurel Marks

Top to bottom: final poster; design for the accompanying festival of lateshows

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