Dangerous Liaisons

Fireside Theatre

Poster design for dangerous liaisons, Fireside Theatre’s new adaptation of the 1985 play by Christopher Hampton. 

The Marquise de Merteiul is a woman scorned.

Enlisting the help of the womaniser Valmont, she sets to take revenge on former lover by corrupting his intended bride, the innocent Cécile.

But Valmont has ideas of his own. His eyes are set on prim and proper Madame de Tourvel – to him, the ultimate challenge. And soon the web of sex, lies and intrigue grows more tangled than anyone could have imagined…

Fireside Theatre presents an unconventional staging of the classic story. Two and a half centuries later, this new take has all the hilarity and scandal of the original, but takes a fresh look at its gender politics. An all-female cast performs this timely reimagining of the novel that shocked the world.

Performers - Gaia Mondadori, Eleanor Greaves, Lydia Makrides, Georgina Deri, Isobel Maxwell
& Sophie Stemmons
Director - Maddy Trépanier
Producer - Ben Kybett

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