A Tree Called Max

King’s Head Theatre

Publicity package for a first sharing of Aaron Kilercioglu's new play A Tree Called Max at King's Head Theatre.

Inspired by cyanotypes of leaves, it felt important in this project to keep a distance from the normal colour scheme of a play with the word 'tree' in the title. By connecting closely the features of nature in the play with a colour scheme that felt more cerebral and emotional, we shifted the focus back to the human aspect at the centre of the work. Title typefaces went through several iterations and eventually landed with this subtle but intriguing blend of different sans serif fonts.

For the director and writer, it suited well the nature of the performance - a reading rather than a full production. Performed 9th August 2021, King's Head Theatre.

Performers - Bilal Hasna
Writer - Aaron Kilercioglu
Director - Darren Sinnott

Top to bottom: final poster; draft designs

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